It starts in a few minutes in Paris, at the Espace Pierre Cardin near the place de la Concorde. The audience is registering…
Santa Shark is an inflatable structure greeting visitors above the entrance of Paris Aquarium in the Trocadéro gardens, Paris, France. Note on the second photograph, taken from the opposite side, the quality of the reproduction including dorsal and caudal heterocercal fins. On the bottom, the air pipe maintaining the stuff more or less inflated.



“Each day dawns but once.”
Paris, Parvis du Trocadéro, October 24th, 2011 – 08h07 a.m.


A Tram stop right in the middle of a cornfield Visage. Glattbrugg-Bäuler stop on the Glattalbahn, Tram lines 10 & 12, meter-gauge. From Zürich, Switzerland on a rainy day, 13.07.2011.



Just received the new BCH International re-edition of the Baldwin 0-4-0 manufactured by Minitrains in the 60s. Two versions displayed here: black without lettering and #12 “Island Railway Coal Co.”.

More details in a future issue of Voie Libre. Clignement d'oil

Some narrow gauge trams and trolleys from Disneyland Paris, far away from home. See also my “Blog Ferroviaire” (in French).


Sunset on the Zurich Old Town, taken from the Lindenhof terrace (September 14th, 2010).



Two weeks ago, while strolling in the streets of Zürich, I bumped into this ad displaying “El Capitan”, photographed by Thomas Struth (currently an exhibition at Zürich Kuntshaus). Funny thing to be standing face to face with this Yosemite landmark almost one year after my visit there, as if I was stalked


Clamecy SNCF station in July 2010, in the heat of the continental summer.



Waiting for the plane at Zürich-Klöten Airport. My favourite table at the Sea Food Restaurant while reading the latest Posterous posts from Garr Reynolds or Nancy Duarte, or viewing a TED conference. One of the pleasures of the trip !   Menu tonight is Tuna Carpaccio with Balik Beer (from brewery Locher in Appenzell, Switzerland). Yumm!

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