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As strange as it may seem: La Bahia, Santa Cruz, Dirty Harry and Railroads, all that is linked together on a short stretch of Boardwalk in Santa Cruz, CA. See my latest entry on my Railway Blog (in French): http://www.fdelaitre.org/wp2/

Just a short railway video I put on Youtube some time ago, re-posted on Posterous to check Youtube interactions. Place is Froissy, France, near Amiens on the 60cm touristic line. This was a special event to celebrate the closure of the line for the winter season


A journey of a thousand miles begins… etc. etc. In addition to myWebsite: www.fdelaitre.com and my Railway Blog (in french):www.fdelaitre.org/wp2/, now an English speaking blog dedicated torailway world, Paris and any other thing I fancy. Stay tuned!

Tostart with: my latest project. The Chamby station in Switzerland. TheBEMO Fze 6/6 in HOm is waiting on the track from the Blonay-ChambyMuseum, a sight which is reality since the arrival of the FZe atChaulin Museum last year.

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